Isinya Primary Boarding School For The Deaf is now operational!

Isinya School for the Deaf was opened with a total admission of 61 children. The school is a Non profit Institution that focuses on providing quality education to hearing impaired children.Read More.

Education Opportunities For Deaf Youth! Visit OITI Today!

Deaf Youth Empowerment Program (DYEP) through Open & Inclusive Training Institute (OITI) is always doing enrollments of deaf students for different courses. Read More.



African Society more Inclusive of the Deaf with Focus on Children and Youth.



To contribute to the full realization of the human potential of the deaf through the alleviation of all societal and environmental barriers that prevent their full inclusion and participation.


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Why Deaf Aid?

Deaf Aid is a Norwegian based Non-Governmental Organization with operations in East and West Africa and focused on changing the livelihoods of the Deaf. We are keen on providing a strong education background for deaf children and mentoring Deaf youths to be self reliable individuals. Our approach is holistic with programs that cut across a number of sections and Deaf schools. Our education program is in line with the Education for all and Ministry of Education’s vision of providing education for sustainable development.

Development of Kenyan sign language and curriculum are the pillars in provision of quality education in Deaf Aid. We pride ourselves in advocating for the plight of the deaf by creating awareness of their situation and we take the responsibility of influencing our society to create a better life for the Deaf.

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Education Support Program (ESP)

Education Support Program was initiated with the aim of providing proper educational foundation for the hearing impaired children that caused their poor performance at school. Read More

PIAR Program

Prevention Identification Assessment & Referral (PIAR) services revolve around Deaf Aid’s Mobile Hearing Clinic (MHC) which provides outreach intervention services in Kenya. Read More.

Deaf Youth Empowerment Program (DYEP)

Deaf Youth Empowerment Program (DYEP) was initiated in 2009 to provide accessible and practical industry driven skills to the deaf youth and young adults.  Read More.

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